5 Android Apps You Must Try

5 android apps you must try- The Graduate Loop

Google Play has a vast collection of Android Apps under different categories & almost 3 in every 5 youngsters are having Android smartphones in their pockets. Sometimes “install, check & uninstall(ICU)” of apps serves as good pastime, but it would be better to clean your phone’s memory while playing this ICU game otherwise you may end in “hanging” up with the device. So take a quick peek at space while trying all these apps at one time.

Now, we are providing you with a list of some cool apps that you should try & you will need not to uninstall them-


Sonar allows you to connect with your nearby friends & it makes the networking more local. You can chat with your friends who are near in location, it gives you an alert when your friends are near. It gets a match of your interest lists & can alert you if someone with same interests is near in proximity. It pings you & broadcasts your status to friends who are connected to you via Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter & LinkedIn. It runs in background and updates your friends about your activities with whom you are connected. It’s a quite easy chat application, Just type “will be at Cafe Coffee Day in 1 hour” & your friends will be there already.


Earlier it was named as “Read it Later” & undoubtedly an amazing & simple app for those who love reading. Earlier it was a paid app but now it’s free. It’s amazing because you can have it readily available without an internet connection. It happens many times when we are in a hurry but find an amazing stuff be it an article, video or anything else, we can put it in POCKET and can access & read or watch it afterwards even without an Internet connection. It synchronizes easily with your computer, mobile or tablet.. so you can read those stuffs even when you are away from the network. All you need to do is “Add to pocket” whatever you want to read or view later & forget about bookmarking or anything else!!


Quora is a nice platform to search topics, start discussions, ask queries etc. You need to have an account with Quora to use it & it will sync with your mobile & gives you update whenever something new is there as feeds. It’s in English language only this time. If you are interested in knowing facts & detailed knowledge about any topics then you can use this app, it’s really worth to have such an app in phone.


It’s a nice to download app for puzzle lovers. It’s an interesting & addictive game of making a path with blocks. It gives you hint too, it has special blocks that give the clues & confuse you sometimes. It can disappoint you after several levels when it will ask for payment, otherwise it’s really an awesome game, a good brain exercise. You will see it as a  “what to do” stuff until you get your brain understand it.

5. nexGTv

It’s a cool application that turns your mobile in a TV, you can watch around hundreds of channels on it. It has an adaptive bit-rate streaming that claims to be smooth & uninterrupted even on 2G. It offers full screen viewing, program guide of all channels for one week & other cool features to play with on-screen. On the other side, it may hang on your device after 10-15 minutes & that could irritate you a bit but it’s not frequent with all devices.

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