Apple eats Samsung !!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but what if the “Apple”, itself, starts eating others- the result may be incurable.. isn’t it??   The Graduate Loop

The Samsung’s Pain

The apple’s proverb is getting a reversed mode with Korean Giant Samsung which was fined $US1.05 billion for the copyright infringement of Apple’s technology & within a week there is another lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung mentioning the “continuity of stealing Apple’s patents in its five other products”, verdict in Apple’s favor of same can ban Samsung’s flagship model S3 in US !!  About a week back, Apple got a judgment in it’s favor against Samsung by an American Court. Apple filed the patent infringement suits against Samsung & stated that the Korean Company had copied Apple’s design & technology in it’s Galaxy mobile phones.

The Graduate Loop

Apple has asked the court to ban Samsung’s copycat products which have infringed the patents of Apple; the round edges of icons, the slide to unlock feature, double tap zoom etc. are some of Apple’s patented critical features. Apple, in February, filed the lawsuit against 17 products of Samsung & after getting awarded with $US1.05 billion the company has increased it’s list of claims to 21 products. Apple has targeted the whole Galaxy series phones. Apple said in front of San Jose federal court that Samsung has been flooding the market with copied products even after sued for 17 imitated products. Apple added that Samsung is not creative & innovative anymore, it keeps on launching the copied mobile phones & tablets in market. But if Samsung loses the battle again then it’s flagship products like Galaxy S3 & Note could get banned in US market.

On the other hand, Samsung claims that it’s an act of contracting the alternative choices for the consumers & killing the competition. Furthermore, US giant sought damages & asked the Japanese court to ban Samsung’s smartphones sales in Japan but the Japanese court, in favor of Samsung, rejected Apple’s plea for infringement suit against Samsung & stated that Samsung hasn’t stolen the technology & awarded Samsung the legal costs thereto.

The Graduate Loop

Samsung S3 has made a record sale just after launched in the market & as per the news has also left behind Apple. But lets see now who wins !!



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