Best Global Brands 2012- Not A Single Indian!!

Best Global brands 2012- the graduate loop

Best Global Brands 2012 list is out there by the branding company Interbrand. It’s a list of top 100 global brands & as usual Coca Cola is the No.1 Global Brand with 8% increment in it’s brand value in the last year & the company is valued at $77,839 Million. Apple achieved 2nd seat in the row with 129% increment in it’s brand value i.e. the top gainer with a value of  $76,568 Million. IBM is on 3rd place.

In Automobile category Toyota is the No.1 & it seems as a habit of Toyota to be on No.1. Mercedes is on 2nd & BMW is on 3rd place. You can download the full report of Best Global Brands 2012 here. The brands selected on the basis of three factors-

1. Financial Performance

The financial performance of branded product & service is the first factor of selection. The turnovers, balance sheets & profit & loss statistics is the first factor for selecting best global brands. The high earners & influential brands are categorized as per the category & overall market.

2. Brand Influence

Second factor is the role of brand in influencing the consumers. Companies make their images by products & advertisements that’s why we prefer Coca Cola over RC Cola 🙂 . It’s all about the perception of a brand in consumers’ mind.

3. Earning Capability

Most of us think that if the product is branded then it must be expensive & we assure ourselves for the best quality by paying high. This is known as the strength of the brand in asking a premium price for it’s products or bringing-in earning for the company. For instance, it costs only 10 paise to add Vitamins in a pack of Maggie & after adding those vitamins the Maggie is renamed as Fortified-Maggie & it cost Rs. 5 more!! It’s known as the capacity of brand that can take out money from it’s consumers’ pockets.

Best Global brands 2012- the graduate Loop
Best Global Brands 2012 by Interbrand

The list from Interbrands shows 100 best brands & not a single India Brand is there!! This is the case of “self-sufficiency”, do Indian brands not focus on making an image worldwide?? I had seen a list 2 years back & in that top 100 brands list only one company of India i.e. ICICI was there on 53rd position & after working and expanding for 2 years not a single company is there!!

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  • yes, it’s like indian market is more focussed on market and global top 100 brands are focussed on products and innovation . Every passing day a new company makes to the market thus in my sense if no new innovation with their application or products take place , i am afraid that they will be out of top 500 lists.

    • @Ankur.. Yes it’s right that we’re lacking innovation. In India we’re not creating jobs, Not a single product in IT stream is innovated in India, we are just coding geeks who receive the projects from foreign companies, we should be innovative & not laboring coders only. We are learning to serve other countries but not innovating, Indian Engineers are doing the jobs for foreign companies only!! We will be in that list if we start generating jobs for others.

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