How to make 30 crores with simple tips and tricks

Show people a Phone via full page Daily paper ads with Make In India initiative. The influence will be high. Start a pre-booking for 3 days only to create the “limited acquisition chance” feeling.

Your site may get 6,00,000 hits per minute, consider the conversion rate at 1% only & the booking slot of 12 hrs/day. In 3 days, you will get 1.29 crore bookings.

Collect ₹251 from who are interested. And make promise to deliver the one of its kind smartphone after 4 months.

The minimum interest you will get from bank will be 6% that will give you 6.45 crores for 4 month. Return the pre-booking amount after 4 months and beg their Pardon!

If booking touches 7.35 crores mark then the amount turns to be ₹ 30,74,75000(thirty crore seventy four lac & seventy five thousand only). Didn’t add shipping.


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