If You Think Love Is Blind Then Better Think Again

love is blind
"Love is Blind"- we all hear this phrase in our whole life. Everybody keep saying that love is blind...

“Love is Blind”– we all hear this phrase in our whole life. Everybody keep saying that love is blind, one can’t claim when it happens. First of all give a quick peek to this short story of a couple-

I took admission in an Institute to prepare for my Engineering entrance exam. I was quite excited on the very first day of my class because I was about to learn something that could make me an Engineer. The word “Engineer” made me shiver with excitement, I started supposing myself in a formal suit & experimenting on NASA’s Missile. Sometimes I thought about being a Missile Man as our former President Dr. Kalam. I got thrilled with such names that time. Whenever I heard someone talking about Engineers, I tried to make myself look like an Engineer & flashed an Engineering smile on my face 😀 & they used to raise their left eyebrows in a weird look. Till then we were 24 students actually “wannabe Bill Gates”in the batch. The ratio of distribution was something like 17 guys & 7 girls.. yes, it was the number. I didn’t usually talk to girls or you can say I didn’t want to talk any of them. They were just laborious kind of girls with long & short properly tied hairs, with 3+ number of Specs. So, I preferred to focus on my preparation.. after all I was a laborious guy too  🙂 On the 24th of August, 2005… when I was making a Hyperbola that was congruent to the Parabola.. lol.. I heard a voice “May I enter the class?” For a moment, I was thinking that why am I hearing Aishwarya’s voice!! Then I raised my head from my hyperbola, that had been actually turned into a frustum, don’t know how, I saw a girl standing on the entrance. She was wearing a Navy Blue top that read “Impossible Is Nothing” with a black denim. Her hair was brown & silky. Believe me, I hadn’t ever seen a girl as beautiful as she was. She entered the class & I was so lucky that my best friend Mayank didn’t come that day & all other seats were occupied by laborious girls & guys. She was looking for a seat & our teacher asked her to share the seat with me. Oh My God, what was happening to me.. I simply don’t know. She was wearing a cool perfume, she asked me- “Can I sit here?” I didn’t utter a word & simply nodded my head with a smile. Actually, I wasn’t expecting her to ask for the seat because I couldn’t imagine someone with such manners at that time, even I hadn’t asked for a permission to anyone anytime. She was Shrishthi, guess how I got to know. Did I ask her with a confident voice? Did I simply tell her my name and she reciprocated? Nooo… I gave a quick peek to the first page of her notebook while she was opening it. And guess what… I fell in love, it could be a crush or a lust even but it was a love at first sight. Gradually, I started talking to her & we became friends. Then, by chance we got admission in same college & I proposed her in a party. Yes we are together now!!

That’s why love is blind!

Love is Blind

Now what does this love story of an Engineer tell? Love is blind, it can happen to anyone, with anyone. He didn’t know about the girl but fell in love & that proves the love is blind. Love is blind because these two Engineers are from different casts. Love is blind because the guy didn’t know anything about the girl.

Love is Blind because both have different opinions but the guy wasn’t aware of it & fell in love with that girl.

Love is blind because he used his nose to smell her perfume & fell in love.

Her top was reading “Impossible is Nothing!!” & that gave him a courage to feel love for her & that means love doesn’t have brain too. He wasn’t aware of the fact that their parents would not ready for accepting their relationship & fell in love, that means the love is simply blind. He knew that it was her first day & it might happen that she wouldn’t come the next day.. still he fell in love & it proved that the Love is Blind.

Now Think Again

Why should you stop thinking that love is Blind? He didn’t fall in love with other girls in that class because they were not attractive, they looked like boring creatures. He wasn’t even talking to those girls in the class, because he found them ugly or so. Why didn’t he propose any of those girls??

He might had proposed one of them because they were intelligent. What’s there in looks? Looks are meant to be shattered on day. One should consider the qualities… Isn’t it?love is blind

Do we fall in love or do we make us fall in love?? Actually, we make ourselves fall in love. When we keep looking towards an appealing opposite sex for a while on daily basis, we feel an attraction & start developing feelings for him/her. Then we start talking with that person, then friendship & then proposal-

“Hey, I got strong feelings for you. Don’t know why I keep thinking about you every time? Even my mom has started complaining about my every time “dreaming” behaviour. Can I get some space in your dreams ?? “

Now tell me, If love is blind then why our heart starts beating for only attractive girl/guy? Why don’t we ever propose a dull & weird-looking girl/guy?

If love is blind then why don’t our heart beats for any boring female/male. People say that love is blind after falling in love. It’s not right to claim that love is blind once you fall in love. If love is blind then there wouldn’t be any craze in girls for heavy make-up. If love is blind then why do guys die for having a hot & sexy girlfriend?

Actually, love got heavy power spectacles to find a girl/guy of matching or superior qualities. Tell me, If love is blind then why do we look out for someone who has a matching or superior profile or attitude or looks, why don’t we go for someone who is lower than our standards & expectations??

What you think, love is blind or not?

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  • “BLIND LOVE”…ya in my opinon too its all a text book words.
    I have also never heard of a person who calls his partner beautiful because of her/his qualities , it’s always the plastic face that starts the love fobia. This materialistic world has everything to do with apperance, but in reality it’s a day or a month magic that keep it’s charm after that it’s all about behaviour ,relation and understanding that makes that live successful.

  • Normally I don’t read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, quite nice post.

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