Proposing a Girl and A Business Startup- What’s same??

Proposing a girl & a business startup

The title must make you say “Whoaa!!”, actually I do feel the same like how is there any similarity in proposing a girl and a business startup; proposing a girl is “sponsored” by heart & the latter part of the script is a mind’s game, so how will there be any similarities between these two critical issues? Don’t think so hard, let’s obviate this puzzle with step by step comparison.

Picking an Idea-

Proposing a girl & a business startup- The Graduate Loop

As soon as a guy enters a new college or a party maximum probabilities are there that he would be checking out the beauty of surroundings (don’t confuse with infrastructure or lighting). He would look at every possible distance & face that could make him feel the pleasure of being a boy!! He would select the best possible option with a positive thought to make it out at the right point, he would also compare all chicks out there and start building feelings for one(sometimes more than one). A normal guys will choose the best one among all according to his taste 🙂 .

Now do I really need to explain the Business part in terms of an Idea?? OK, let me do my duty. While thinking of a Startup a  number of approaches can be followed & it’s best to know more about the Seven Steps of a Startup which may be used in different priorities, the same guy will look at the market of his interest & try to find out the best possible point where he can devote his interest and skill to generate a filthy revenue making business. He will focus on his thoughts on that point regarding to any specific field & compare to other options in the market. Though an Idea can get into your mind while you’re on bed with dreams in closed eyes, but in practical an Idea is generated for countering a problem. It’s the first similarity in proposing a girl and a business startup.

The Research-

“When I took admission in B.Tech. I started looking a girl & received the same intensity ‘radio waves’ back. After several tries I made myself confident enough to talk to that girl & that was the worst day of my life, you know when I was talking to her she gave me a weird look & suddenly a so-called boyfriend of hers with two more heavy weight WWE wrestlers asked me to follow them. God was with me that day & I got a single slap!!”- one of my friends narrated his story when we met last week after a couple of years.

So a proper Research is needed prior to any action. “Does she have a boyfriend?”, It’s among the most common questions in college & it shows the proactiveness of boys. So, be a researcher & confirm that the girl you want to have is single otherwise there may be a problem that can lead to a quick breakup too, then you will have to learn about getting over of a breakup. So take your time & then decide to make things stable for life long.

In Business sense, make yourself assure that the idea is unique & it will go long. Don’t indulge in taking away anyone else’s idea or name otherwise you can be sued. Figure out every aspect about your choice to validate it for further processes. It’s the second similarity in proposing a girl and a business startup.

SWOT Analysis-

SWOT is a management tool to make an assessment of the business idea. It is the abbreviation of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat. While starting a business the SWOT analysis is done to make a list of factors that are in favor & can become strength in achieving the goal, to accumulate the weaknesses & threats that should be overcome to achieve that ultimate goal.

Proposing a girl & a business startup- The Graduate Loop
Am I on the Right track??

In the LOVEly part,

S– “I am handsome, she should accept my proposal”

W– “But I worry about how-to, I don’t have that confidence.” Try to overcome these stupid barriers & be confident because girls like confident guys.

O– “When should i talk to her?? Oh Yes.. I will grab a seat next to her in the lecture!!”

T-“What if she doesn’t like me & start badmouthing about me in other girls? What if she is already engaged?”

Risk & Planning-

Risk & Planning are two related concepts. Starting a business is riskier than a regular job, a risk is always there to lose but those who take the risk & execute every step with proper planning get succeeded in life & business.

A risk of rejection is always there while proposing a girl, you can’t be sure every time!! You should not let the fear of rejection down you, make the most of it. Make a proper planning to talk to her and propose her, you can easily find some guys around you playing the role of love-gurus & they will provide you well-experimented “techinques” of making a girl fall for you 🙂 .

Proposing a girl & a business startup-The graduate loop

Parents Advice-

Aditya told me, “I took admission in a new school in 11th grade & the first day when I was leaving for school my dad asked me to stay away of word LOVE. He added that those were not good stuffs for a guy of my age & could ruin my career”. Same is the case when a graduate seeks permission for a Startup from his family, most of the times parents discourage him by stating their experiences & advice to stay away of it & prepare for Civil Services or find a good job!!

You may discourage these similarities with a saying “Waiting is Losing” but it’s better to wait & assure yourself for a positive reply than to lose. I think that proposing a girl and a business startup have some similarities, don’t you?

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