Start Writing

Hey Buddy!

So, you want to write for The Graduate Loop. Sounds cool. We request you to go through these quick guidelines before you start.

  • First of all, we request you to make a Gravatar profile if you want an Identity with a cool photograph. Don’t worry, It’s too simple & it’ll give you an identity. It’d help us to put your photograph & a brief about yourself. See the example.


  • Now, you need to login/register. It’s below the Social Icons in sidebar. Register with the same email Id as used in Gravatar. Maintain your profile once you log in.
  • After registering, you’ll get an email with username, password & a link. After logging in,go to Dashboard –> Posts–> Add New & submit it.
  • If you want to write anonymously, we’re totally OK with that too. We respect your anonymity. You may directly mail us at 
  • We shall approve & publish your content only if it’s original & not copied from somewhere else.


That is it. Now show us your Creativity!