The India A Youth Needs

“Why can’t you guys just change this bloody channel?”, I shouted last night. It was a news channel. Yes, a news channel.

Why did I shout? Have I gone mad? Yes, actually. Don’t you think that the news channels are not left with any news these days.

“Dhyaan se dekhiye, Iss ghar me aate hain raat ko bhoot or naachte hain”
“Iss mandir me raat ko bhagwaan aate hain or khana kha ke jaate hain”
“Aaj se 5,000 saal baad suraj me sama jaegi dharti, jyada jaankari denge hamaare scientist”

And all this drama goes with a Mogambo type voice and a terrific background music. Don’t know how come these channels persuade the scientists and other panelists for the argument. If, in some way, they are out of their horrible researches they start showing the debates between BJP, Congress, RJD, AAP etc. And the spokesperson just trying to explain why their party is the only one to recollect for the wellness of the country.

Merely for the sake of rivalry these parties oppose each and everything that the ruling party is standing with and vice-versa. Mr. Kejriwal visits Ahmedabad to cry on the suicide of Rohit Vemula and preach like a real politician. He played politics on the death of a student. But when a farmer did suicide in front of him, he didn’t even bother to stand and stop him.

Then the Odd-Even system! Earlier it was implemented when schools were on vacations. Again, it will be implemented in April-May when schools will remain close. Women drive a car in such a way that it doesn’t produce pollution. Commercial cars don’t add up to pollution! Great.

Everybody knows what happened in JNU was anti-national. Everybody knows what happened in Haryana for the sake of reservation was anti-society and anti-national. Still, if a party is against these happenings the opposition will certainly reach to stand it.MAIN-TO-JNU-YE-DISCLOSEKARNE-GAYA-THA

I can’t think of a single Indian who can find a valid point in the Afzal slogans being chanted in JNU. I can’t think of any Indian who want to support any person who says,”Kitne Afzal maaroge, Har ghar se Afzal niklega”. Can anybody feel proud or agree with this affirmation?

“Hindustan ke tukde ho. Hindustan barbad ho.”

Anyone? I know no one can approve these slogans. Then what made Mr. Rahul Gandhi to go to JNU and stand in support of the Afzal sloganeering? And when a debate happens on News Channels the opposition spokespersons stand strict to the stupid doings of their leadership. They become anti-nationalists and so.

In Srinagar, black ISI flags are shown to cameras that read “Thanks JNU”. Later on, some aged Muslims keep beating their chests and yell,

”Pakistan Hamara Hain, Hum Pakistani Hain”.

What is this all about? Nationals are following Anti-Nationationalism and the politicians are favouring them.

After all this, a news came from Latur, Maharashtra. A policeman, in his uniform, was beaten up by some so called Hinduism followers. He was thrashed until he collapsed. Why? It is because he is Muslim! He had his 38 years of service of this nation and was tormented and forced to hold a flag and chant Hinduism slogans. Moreover, they attempted to shave his beard.

This is simply insane.
India is a secular democratic country. Everyone has the right to survive and follow any certain region freely. Then why there is so Intolerance. The mob who thrashed this policeman belonged to the governing party of Maharashtra.

This is the reason I shouted last night. Everywhere there is intolerance. India is not intolerant, but some anti-nationals, anti-seculars, religious prophets and politicians are inducing intolerance in this nation. And if somebody says that India is Intolerant then the so-called intellectuals start returning their awards.

This is not the India we wish to live in. This country is not what the youth need. Then what India should look like as to become a country where we desire to live. Here are some quick points-

1. The ruling party shouldn’t assume themselves as the possessor of the chair-

Once a party wins the election, it forgets what were the issues and promises mentioned in their manifesto. They start practicing what they feel right. They impose stuffs and the voters should hold it. The voters have the might and the right to elect a government then we should also get the power to warn the politicians on their wrongdoings. They should be mindful of the fact that if they do improper things just to fill their pockets or if they get distracted from their path then the voters can take off their chair.graduate loop

2. Impart Dictatorship to assure the nation’s health-

The nation should be above all, I know it is but only in the constitution, in terms of caste and religion. If anyone, be it a Hindu or a Muslim who creates any anti-national or religion based nuisance, should be punished well enough to attain sure that no one else should anyway follow the similar path.

What happened in JNU was anti-national. The slogans were anti-nationals.
“Hindutsaan tere tukde ho”, “Azadi lenge bandook ke dum pe”, “Har ghar me afzal janmega”. Sounds like a ridiculous proposition, right? Then why there is a debate on this in Parliament.

Opposition is saying that there should be a Right to Speech. But embarrassing the country and making terrorist type speeches aren’t covered in the policy of Right to speech.
What happened with Haryana, the loot, the violence, the blockages were the acts of anti-nationals. And the politicians, who plump for these anti-national acts just for the sake or rivalry with the governing party, should be expelled from the party with immediate effect.

3.Reservation should be based on Economic Condition only-

Whatever happened in Haryana last week was unfortunate. It all happened for the demand of reservation. There is a method to present the view and put the demand before government, but creating nuisances, looting stores and burning places is not, anyhow, commendable. The after effects are visible clearly in Haryana.

4. No tainted person should get into the Parliament-

Got word of similar from Prime Minister Mr. Modi but no enactment has been performed yet. No one, who has any illegal act in his/her account, should let run for elections. And no tainted person should get an involvement in any political party because it seems an easy path for any gangster to become a minister. To become a minister, first take off with illegal things and become a gangster. It should be carefully controlled.

5. Most of the News Channels should get cast out-

Maximum news channels are showing everything but news. They conduct debates which can never attain to any solution. They leave religious gurus in a closed room to contend with each other without anyone to control the debate. They show where a Muslim is beaten by Hindus and vice versa. They show when the globe is going to destroy. Where is the news?

Now, on a different road.

6. Rapists should made free from excitement permanently-

Once, one is proved guilty of raping, should not send to jail. One should be made free from all his excess excitement. The tool should be cut away.

7. Focus on creating Jobs, the Startup way-

The rate of unemployment is increasing. The ratio of passouts to employed is just 4:1. Government should intensively focus on creating jobs. Government should redefine the definition of Startups mentioned in the StartupIndia program to stand the startup ecosystem.


The youth are growing into the vibe of Startup. Everyone has an idea to depart a company with. They don’t want to fight for jobs. They say they want to create jobs. But the definition cited in the Government’s StartupIndia program is not providing the actual support to budding Entrepreneurs.

If they are already funded by an Angel or incubated by any Government recognized incubation center, then why will they require Government’s support or funding? It’d be better if the program had a different eligibility criteria, like submission of a business plan, showing the traction, idea/product market fit and so on. GOI is confident of incubators, angels and VC, but the startups.

8. The Education system needs transformation-

Here comes a query that I have picked up a lot of times-

“Why most of the successful startups belong to IIT/IIM?”

One gets admission in IITs & IIMs after qualifying JEE or CAT. One gets admission when he/she is ahead of 99.9+ populations in terms of computations. The aptitude, the math, the reasoning and the comprehension ideally create a total detecting atmosphere around any personality. One who is getting admission here is faster than 99.9 percent of the population in reading, guessing and calculating. The business consists of all these factors.

Secondly, they have dedicated Entrepreneurship programs, real life experiences, E-cells and the senior alumnus who already have successful startups. In general colleges, the MBAs know nothing about business, they are devised only to get 9 to 5 jobs with spreadsheets. Generally, they lose battle to those from prestigious colleges who didn’t opt for startups. The summer internships are just about searching for a project report and present it.

After doing engineering, whether you did ECE, CS or IT, you will get coding jobs. Either you’ll be busy in making out the supplementary or you’ll end up in coaching centers with SSB, SSC or PO coachings.

Students are starting to cram and vomit in exams.  Whoever vomits better gets good grades. Cram, be a bookworm and get a safe job.  Be fearful for the whole of life because you are causing someone else rich.  One can’t commit a mistake in class, it’s a criminal offense to commit a mistake.  Who’ll tell the teachers that this fear of veering out from trying anything or taking a risk is stopping everyone to do what they want. Because there will be a punishment ready if we make any mistake. This is not a system worth thriving.

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  • For news channels…. one can go for Rajya Sabha TV, dd news, al jazeera…. nd 106.4 FM is also an authentic source…. on which one can rely.

    And yes India is one of the most diverse countries on this planet Earth. Infact, our constiution’s introductory statement, i.e. Preamble is suffice to tell one how tolerant india is. If one wants to come out of layman’s zone , then digging india’s history will be the best answer to all questions of intolerance.

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